We created the Center for Advanced Governance (CAG) in the wake of growing interest of authorities in Russia and other Post-Soviet countries to effective governance methods suitable for the new digital reality. The CAG is working to help those who would like to make changes against the background of new global challenges – and to do it effectively, on a large scale and sufficiently.

Maria ShklyarukCEO of Center for Advanced Governance

The CAG expertise covers four main areas

Strategic management:

we may propose flexible system of strategic planning and strategy implementation, both at the national level and at the level of a government agency or other organization.

Digital transformation:

as creators of the “government as platform” approach, we know how to carry out the digitalization of an agency or an industry implying deep reengineering of processes and introduction of evidence-based approach into decision making.

Reform implementation:

we identify where, when and what kind of reform measures are needed and how to implemented them to ensure that the reform would not be superficial or imitative, but bring tangible results.

Programs and policies audit:

we evaluate implementation of programs, policies and reforms, assess their impact, identify implementation faults and propose targeted measures to reach expected results.

In order to enrich its expertise the CAG carries on research program, analyzing public administration systems in context of existing policies, level of trust between the political elite, society and business. Factors related to those contests often restrict both individual officials and government agencies in their efforts to implement reforms and to respond to global challenges.

Studying effects of those factors CAG is looking for ways to overcome the constraints to implementation of reforms and to avoid political shocks.



The CAG’s Research department aims to find the answer to the question: “How to improve the quality of public administration in the existing institutional framework and political conditions?” We research:


Implementation of the data-driven management and evidence-based policymaking in of public administration.

Factors of successful reforms implementation and modernization of public administration.

Quality evaluation of the policies, programs and projects implementation.

Institutional design of political and administrative systems and its relevance to the implementation of the set objectives.

Best practices of strategic management, regulatory policy, HR policy, digitalization, change management.


The CAG’s Consulting department coordinates and moderates designing of solutions to common problems of the public and commercial sector, with its mission to find mutually beneficial (win-win) solutions for the state and business.
The key objectives of the Consulting department are:


Provision of the CAG’s experience and knowledge to the government’s and industries’ representatives for the sake of public administration improvement.

Organization of constructive dialogue between representatives of state bodies and industries.

Participation in the work of public authorities, provision of structured and reliable information for designing effective solutions for an industry’s development.

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